Ellen Endhoven

Marica Endhoven

Onder de naam Marica Endhoven werkt Ellen samen met beeldend kunstenaar Dwight Marica. Dit heeft geresulteerd in een nieuwe verftechniek èn in een unieke stijl.

In 2016 they decided to work together in their joint studio. Realistic colorful paint reliefs were created. This work formed a bridge between the figurative work of Endhoven and the abstract work of Marica.

The layers of acrylic have been laid down one by one by hand, creating the height in the relief. This method is time consuming and precise. The bigger the shape, the taller it gets. This technique creates an alienating perspective.
Because the portrait is made up of organic forms, it is reminiscent of the images of the dissected human being. The portraits are also sometimes compared to Maori or other tribal art.

AAF New York

Marica Endhoven 24 – 27 maart 2023 

met Galerie Chiefs and Spirits

AAF Brussel

Marica Endhoven

met Galerie Chiefs and Spirits

8 tm 12 februari 2023


Prinsestraat 49
2513CB Den Haag